QHS – Who Are We And What Can We Do For You?

Quick Housing Solutions is one of Australia’s leading property investment providers. We specialise in finding dual income property investment that gives you positive cash flow along with potential yields of 7% to 10% and all the while providing you with a transparent end to end service.

The dual income property investments that we offer represent a good way to make money and we believe is one of the best investment strategies available here in Australia at the moment, especially if you are looking for the best investment in property. Contact us and let our investment property consultants give you the best investment tips and show you how to invest to make money with our dual income, positive cash flow property investment strategies. If you are looking to buying property for investment then contact us for property investing advice and find out why so many other property investors have not only chosen us to provide them with their property investments, but have returned for additional helpings.

Cash Flow Positive Property Investment

NOW is the time to invest in positive cash flow property!  Interest rates are low, properties are selling at great prices and rents are likely to soar.  Everyone is talking about ‘Cash Flow Positive Property’ and how it is the ideal way to invest in property!

But be careful! There are cash flow positive properties available in mining areas that have great potential for returns however there are significant risks to investing in areas that rely on the mines for their survival! We believe investors should also investigate the stand-alone industries such as farming, tourism, health, tertiary education, manufacturing and any others that bring significant wealth into the area separate to the mine.

The safest way to achieve positive cash flow is to purchase a property in a high growth area with high rental demand and create a ‘Dual Income’ by building a granny flat and renting out the two homes.  Quick Housing Solutions has helped many investors to achieve ‘Positive Cash Flow’ by using a dual income strategy!










The Next Decade is all about Income!

QHS Managing Director Nick Loan talks about why the next decade is all about income and how to generate positive cash flow with a dual income strategy!

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QHS Can Help You to Build Cash Flow for Life using Property as a Vehicle!

We can help you to add a positive cash flow, dual income property to your portfolio – with a potential yield of 7 to 10%! Fancy that! Cash in your pockets at the end of each month!

We specialise in sourcing second hand properties for property investors in strategically selected growth centres in Australia! Our service also includes project management, liaising with consultants, government approvals, construction of the granny flat (or Dual Occupancy), house renovations (if required), and landscaping, all within a fixed priced contract. We manage every stage of the project to lock up. We also source positive cash flow property investments (commercial & residential) for investors to purchase through their Self Managed Super Fund and can assist with the set up of a SMSF fund.

Save TIME and MONEY – Partner with an Expert that You can Trust!

There are many pitfalls to successful positive cash flow property investing.  You either need to do your research or find someone you can trust to do the whole lot for you.

Investors Beware!

  • Changing market conditions – uncertain capital gains make it more important than ever to select properties in growth areas and with strong rental demand.
  • Interest rates – ensure you have enough buffer in your LVR to protect you from interest rate increases. Strong yields are great for this.
  • Changing legislation – Development approval regulations vary from council to council as well as state and federal laws
NOW is the Time to Take Action!
Contact us at Quick Housing Solutions and get one step closer to achieving positive cash flow for life!
  • Dual Income Property Investments
  • Positive Cash Flow
  • Potential Yields of 7 to 10%
  • Transparent End-To-End Service